Employee Badge Agreement

5.1 Before the start of the work, the U.S. T. System Administration Facility Manager receives the names of all the people who will work in the system complex. The Facility Manager issues the contractor with the corresponding number of “Contractor” badges. The incumbent or supervisor on site is responsible for ensuring that each worker wears a badge and a distinctive uniform when provided by the contractor. Upon completion of the project, the contractor will return the badges to the Facility Manager or impose a $10 replacement fee for each badge not returned. 6.3 An employee of one of the institutions of the U.T. system who does not carry an identity card issued by his institution must stop at the watch desk, offer an identity card, sign the business log and receive an identity card numbered “Visitor” which will be returned when the employee leaves the system complex. Exceptions to this procedure are allowed only for members of the Board of Regents of the U.T. system and presidents of institutions of the U.T. system.b) Employees, tenants or agents or employees of a tenant without badges, but known to the guard, must sign the logbook of the staff, then receive a temporary “employee” identity card that they will have to return at the end of the working day. For unsused ID cards, the fee is charged to the employee or tenant from 10 $US.

2.2 Tenants and their employees, representatives and contractors are required to carry complex ID cards at all times throughout the system. 4.4 If an employee, tenant, or representatives or employees of a tenant whom the security guard does not recognize, arrives at a building in the complex, the security guard will assist that person, as indicated in subsections (a) and (b) below. 6:05 a.m. If a visitor arrives before 8:00 a.m. and that there is no security guard on duty, the visitor must remain in the lobby or outside the building, as at OHH, until the security guard helps him and issues the “visitor” identity card. If a staff member met by the visitor authorizes the visitor to access it, the employee accompanies the visitor as soon as possible after 8:00 a.m. .m return to the station. The security guard then issues the “visitor” identity card and brings it into the visitors` logbook. Email your new or updated ID badge policy to everyone who manages employees in your company.

In the email, explain the reason for the new directive and add a copy of it to the verification. If you`re using badges for the first time or if the appearance of an existing badge has changed, add images of the badge for verification. 4.3 Employees and tenants must immediately declare the loss of an OES identity card. A fee of USD 10 is charged before a replacement card is issued. The person must provide the OES with proof of payment for the issuance of a replacement card. Proof of payment will be received by payment of the fee to Accounting and Purchasing Services (SPG). . . .