Uwezo Fund Agreement Form

PETIT BUSINESS MOBILIZATION LOAN APPLICATION All applicants must complete the application in their entirety. The “Guidelines” section contains information on the parameters of the credit programme, the president of credit applications, Uhuru Kenyatta, and Vice-President William Ruto yesterday launched a Kshs fund of 6 billion euros for young people and women, called the Uwezo Fund. The funds of the Uwezo Fund come from the Kshs. 6 billion for the second round of the president, which was not used. The Uwezo Fund will be made available to women and youth groups and will be distributed at the electoral district level. Page 1 of 12 Application Form for Business Banking and Lending For Applicants for Business Loan Creation Fill out this form This application form must be completed by the contractors of Start Up Loans Company, which introduced the 1. The amount is based on the valuation by the Fund Management Committee Of The Mine Funds, but no more than Kshs. 500,000 per group. 2.

The Uwezo fund is a loan. Groups of youth and women who have access to the Fund have an additional six (6) months and must be reimbursed in eight installments. 3. The amount borrowed is not paid, but an administrative fee of 3% is charged. 4. The demand for funding for young people and women with disabilities is the subject of particular attention. 2 5. KSHS (in terms) NB (refinancing depends on the repayment of the first loan) the objective of the loan.

Proposed repayment period. (months) GROUP CREDIT HISTORY (including loans with other financial/banking/government institutions) Name of the institution Loan Term Payment Period (month) Status (credit balance) 6. OFFRED BUSINESS INFORMATION a. Business Type (tic): Trade. Other Manufacturing Agriculture Service If others please describe… B. Is the company (tic) (i) Start-up (New). (ii) Expansion v. When the number of extensions of the years is in service…

d. What is the development of business? INCOME Average Business sales per month Total Income AMOUNT Kshs. EXPENSES (Kshs.) AMOUNT Average Purchases per month Rents for your professional premises Wages/salaries for your employees Transport for business stock utilities (Water, phone, electricity at the business premises) Other expenses z.B license Total Expenses Net/Deficit (Kshs) a. Does the group have a joint/common operation? -Tick one. Yes, yes. No no. B. If NO, indicate whether you would like to create one together or if everyone would like to create their website or place of business 2 WEDCO Wentworth Economic Development Corporation, Inc. 7 Center Street, PO Box 641, Wolfeboro, NH 03894 Phone: 569-4216 Fax: 569-3317 Website: www.cowed NH.org Small Business Loan Application All Formation Information 1.

Promotion 2. Initiation 3. The subscription to capital 4. Start of the company`s business creation In the creation of a limited company, mainly four levels are the form: Description: Action by unanimous written agreement of the Board of Directors in the place of the organizational meeting (Delaware Corporation) A form of written consent of the Board of Directors of a Delaware APPLICATION FORM FOR PRIMING / BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT GRANT InformationFreiheit The Local Enterprise Office will not receive any information that will be received in this application, unless necessary BUSINESS BANKING FACILITIES APPLICATION FORM A P P L I C A F F M F O R U O B C R E D I T F A I I T I E S To expedite your application, please complete the full form and send Ref No.TUM/Form/HRM/012 Technical University of Mombasa STAFF CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE (On Termination of Appointment) NB: This form must be filled out in four copies and distributed as follows: 2 Passport photo for each rep. CORPORATE ACCOUNT -FFNUNGs form Important note: 1. Each column must be filled in BLACK INK 2. Each page of this form must be duly signed by the (s) 1 UWEZO FUND LOAN APPLICATION FORM. This form must be completed in three copies (original, which must be sent to the Uwezo De La Matter Funds Committee, a copy for the group and a copy processed at the National Secretariat) 1.