Nrl Agreement

All third-party contracts must be pre-registered and approved. The goal is to ensure that they do not become a way for clubs or players to use sponsors or third parties to undermine the salary cap, as well as for gambling, to ensure the protection of the intellectual property of clubs and games. The Salary Cap auditor monitors each club`s salary cap throughout the year based on information provided by the clubs. In addition, the Salary-Cap auditor can conduct investigations into player compensation in the event of anomalies. These investigations generally concern the club and its related entities and cover all payments and agreements that may result in benefits to players. The parties renegotiated the terms of the existing contract, which expires in 2022, after the coronavirus outbreak ended the season and threatened its financial viability. Nine, the publishers of this Masthead, re-engaged after the NRL reduced its royalty. Foxtel has reached a new agreement that will allow the pay-TV operator to be re-engaged by the end of 2027. Australian Rugby League Commission chairman Peter V`landys and Foxtel chief Patrick Delany reached an agreement after weeks of negotiations and arrive hours before the NRL season resumes. Unlimited – Players may earn unlimited amounts of corporate sponsors who are not linked to the club and who do not use the intellectual property of the game (no logos, jerseys or club emblems) provided they have been previously approved by a players` club and the NRL. These contracts must not be negotiated by the club to induce a player to sign a contract, nor can they be guaranteed by the club. The income a player earns from games not related to his club is generally not included in the salary cap, but the details of the agreement must be communicated to the club by the player. The revised agreement with the NRL covers the remainder of the existing agreement until 2022.

Foxtel has extended his contract until the end of 2027. Players can also enter into agreements with game sponsors called sponsorship agreements. There is no maximum amount and they are excluded from the salary cap. The club must then obtain the agreement of the salary-cap examiner for the agreement in order to exclude the remuneration. Third-party agreements are payments from companies directly to players. There is no limit to the amount a player can earn through third-party agreements if he is paid for his own intellectual property, without the need to use logos or club names and if the company involved is not a sponsor of a club or does not act on behalf of a club to secure the player`s services. “The agreement between Foxtel and the NRL extends our broadcasting rights for a further 5 years and will consolidate our position as home of NRL until 2027.