Agreement General Terms

Written contracts may consist of a standard agreement or a letter of confirmation of the agreement. The Zendefizist hereby stops and ensures that the contract of sale and the terms and conditions relating to the Assignor are fully in force and are enforceable against the Enzistor under the respective conditions. Oral agreements are based on the good faith of all parties and can be difficult to prove. ENGINE WARRANTIES – Engine Manufacturer`s “New Engine Warranty,” “New Parts Warranty,” “Ultimate Life Warranty” and “Campaign Change Warranty,” as defined in the engine manufacturer`s assistance plan, which is part of the terms and conditions and is limited by the terms and conditions and assistance plan for engine products. Tariff plan: the price of services and financial conditions for each site hosted by PRESSINFRA is either a standard plan provided by the contract, in which case it is set for each site according to the number of sites hosted and declared in chronological order/addition, or it is a specific plan provided in an addendum and applicable only to the sites identified. If one or more sites benefit from a specific rate plan in an endorsement, these sites will not be taken into account when setting a site`s tariff plan on the basis of the contract that provides standard schedules. The description of the fare card includes the monthly subscription and the fee for page views. Exceptionally, the rate sheet agreed by the parties may also include views from the monthly subscription; 5. royalties and royalties for the use of services; Expenses and taxes You agree to pay Aeroxchange the amounts and the manner defined in the sales orders for the services. Unpaid bills are increased by interest on the outstanding principal balance by one and a half per cent (1.5%) interest rate.

per month or part of it (unless the law is, in which case interest is collected at the highest statutory interest rate). Aeroxchange may change the prices of each service to sixty (60) days before the written notification, provided, however, that no increase is made in the first year of the contract date indicated on the corresponding sales order of the Service. You agree to reimburse Aeroxchange for any actual costs incurred by Aeroxchange for the provision of services, including, if applicable, any travel and incidental costs actually incurred during the implementation and training or when the permanent assistance you may request is made available. You agree to pay all sales, usage, service or other applicable taxes that are imposed and imposed against you by Aeroxchange under local, national, national or international tax law, your rule or contract regarding your access and use of the Exchange or a service that Aeroxchange offers you.