Us Communities Cooperative Agreement

With OMNIA Partners, government authorities can use competitive contracts to save time and resources, while meeting purchasing requirements. All of OMNIA Partners` cooperative sales contracts have been competitively obtained by a leading public agency and meet our cooperation standards and supplier obligations. Each supplier is committed to delivering its best public prices so that you are able to buy with confidence. U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance is a public procurement cooperative that reduces the costs of goods and services by aggregating government purchasing power nationally. U.S. Communities provides first-class purchasing resources and solutions for local and public authorities, school districts (K-12), higher education and non-profit organizations. Our participants have access to a wide range of competitive contracts with the best national suppliers. We support the efforts of public bodies and educational institutions to be socially responsible, economical and environmentally friendly, in accordance with our purchasing standards and supplier obligations. All agreements proposed through OMNIA partners were awarded through an in-depth tender by a public/government agency (. B for example, the public university or the landkreis school district) of the land.

The Co-operation Agreement process of the De Lead Agency is the basis of OMNIA Partners and sets us apart from other cooperatives. In order for the most restrictive agencies to achieve the best value of cooperative purchasing at the federal level, OMNIA Partners ensures that the processes and procedures of the best practices of the sector are applied. If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, then American communities should blush. It was the first — and for a while, there was only — the purchases of co-ops for local governments. Now the field is overloaded with alleged suitors who claim to save money and streamline the purchase for local governments. But seven important facts distinguish American communities from others. Learn more about Cintas – OMNIA Partners, Public Sector Cooperative Contract (LINK) OMNIA Partners, Public Sector (National IPA subsidiaries and U.S. Communities) is the most experienced cooperative purchasing organization for public and local authorities, K-12 training, universities and universities. The use of cooperation contracts reduces the costs of goods and services by aggregating the purchasing power of governments at the federal level. All contracts available through OMNIA Partners, public sector, are requested and publicly awarded competitively by a leading public agency.

OMNIA Partners is committed to the integrity of the procurement process. Access to filing and awarding documents is always available in the documentation sections of each award-winning agreement. No FOIA or special request required. The use of cooperation contracts reduces the costs of goods and services by aggregating the purchasing power of governments at the federal level. Our participants have access to the largest portfolio of competitive and public contracts with leading national suppliers. State statutes and, where appropriate, local regulations allow a government authority to acquire contracts requested by another government authority (“Lead Public Agency”). This would of course require the agreement of all parties, including the supplier, the lead public agency and the government agency that buy from the order of the Public Agency Lead.