Patient Participation Group Confidentiality Agreement

4.1 All PPG members should be informed of the need to maintain the absolute confidence of patients at all times. Any member acting on behalf of the PPG should sign and return a copy of the practice confidentiality agreement before undertaking such an activity. All PPG members must adhere to Code of Conduct 5.5 to educate patients about the range of surgical services and to help patients better access or use these services. 1.2 To collaborate and cooperate positively with practice in order to improve services and facilities for patients and act as a basis for practitioners to resonate on patient issues. B. Treat and act together with respect and contribute in a way that is in the best interests of all patients. 1.1 Facilitating good relations between the family physician`s office and patients through the transmission of patient experience, interests and concerns, as well as feedback on current practices and proposed new developments. A common criticism of many PPGs is that they are not representative of the practical population. It will always be difficult to get a group that accurately reflects the demographics of our practice, and volunteer tasks tend to attract those who have a certain degree of confidence and free time and who have flexibility in work and money. However, a PPG is there to ensure that the voice of patience is heard and that it is not always the voice itself. If you would like to commit voluntarily, please contact the Chief of Staff or fill out one of the forms at the reception.

1.3 Establish mutual communication and cooperation between practice and patients, other people and organizations in the field of health and the general education community, for the mutual benefit of all. A. Respect patient practice and confidentiality at all times. Our goal is to make the group as transparent as possible. We publish the minutes of each meeting on this website. At the request of the members, their names were removed and replaced by their initials, but for the rest, the protocol reflects what was discussed and agreed in a true and precise way. 5.1 Get feedback from patients who have visited the practice on the services provided by the practice and receive feedback from their registered patients on these services. “Working with their practice to provide practical support, help patients take on more responsibility for their own health, and provide strategic contributions and advice.

PPGs are based on collaboration between firm staff and patients. 2.1 PPG membership is open to all registered patients.